Enabling CPU metrics in OpenStack


Ceilometer out of the box is configured to start publishing CPU metrics [cpu_util] for the virtual machines.

Host CPU

Nova has a lot of configuration options for enabling needed components in the service. Refer the following OpenStack documentation to see a list of all the available options:

Kilo - http://docs.openstack.org/kilo/config-reference/content/list-of-compute-config-options.html

Juno - http://docs.openstack.org/juno/config-reference/content/list-of-compute-config-options.html

Icehouse - http://docs.openstack.org/icehouse/config-reference/content/list-of-compute-config-options.html

The one we will be interested in will be 'compute_monitors' to enable the compute driver to get the CPU metrics. The following entry needs to be added to the /etc/nova/nova.conf on the Compute nodes:

compute_monitors = ComputeDriverCPUMonitor

Restarting the nova compute service should start pushing the host CPU metrics to the controller.

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