Reports Button replaced with a new "Reports" User Interface in versions 4.7+

In versions of VMTurbo Operations Manager 4.6 and below, there was an orange button on the top right of the user interface that opened a new tab where you could access reports.

In version 4.7, the orange button and the original reporting user interface have been replaced with a new "Reports" view:



Note: If you do not see the Reports View in version 4.7

Users who have saved a custom viewset (to remove or re-order view buttons in the Menu Bar) won't be able to see this view button the first time they log into the 4.7 user interface. Click the logo at the top left of the screen and then you can click-and-drag the Reports view button onto the Menu Bar. After it appears up here, you can click the "Save Viewset" button to make this button visible every time you log in.


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