Modify the update.html page to allow for larger file size uploads

If you are running version 4.0 or earlier of Operations Manager, please complete the following steps before running an offline update.  They are not needed for version 4.5 or newer.

NOTE: Are you running on an older platform of VMTurbo?  When you go to About -> Help, or in the Admin tab -> Maintenance -> Software About if you see any of the following you MUST ALSO follow the instructions in this KB Article to migrate to a new VMTurbo Server platform:

  • VMTurbo versions 3.3 or older
  • VMTurbo vmt-platform v3.9 or older
  • Java 1.6 or older

First, proceed with these steps that will allow you to make modifications to be able to download a new update file.

1. SSH or console into your VMTurbo instance and log in as root (default password is vmturbo).  The run the following commands to change the two files mentioned below.

2. First file:

vmturbo:~ # vi /srv/www/htdocs/update.js

Modification: change the existing line to look exactly like the line highlighted in bold below.

// Set maxFileSize to match CGI limit

var maxFileSize = 1024*500000

3. Second file:

vmturbo:~ # vi /srv/www/cgi-bin/vmtadmin.cgi 

Modification: change the existing line in bold below to look exactly as it does below.

# Set max file size limit here - currently 150MB. File will be rejected post-upload if over this size. 
# The JS should also enforce this pre-upload, but as client code it cannot be trusted. # param() returns empty set if this is triggered
$CGI::POST_MAX = 1024 * 500000;

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