EMC VNX Support: Setting up the EMC SMI-S Provider

VMTurbo Operations Manager v4.6 introduces EMC VNX support in the Storage Control Module. V4.6 Generally Available on May 7th, 2014.

To remotely access and manage EMC VNX block-level storage (Clariion), EMC recommends connecting to disk arrays through the EMC SMI-S provider. Operations Manager uses the SMI-S provider as a mediation point to discover and collect data from block-level disk arrays/pools and the controllers/storage processors in the VNX storage environment.

The attached document describes how to set up the EMC SMI-S provider to work with Array Providers only. These instructions are for installation and setup on a Windows Operating System, where our example is 64-bit 2012 with 4 Gb RAM, 2 vCPUs, and 10 Gb Disk Space on the host’s C: drive.

Please refer to the EMC SMI-S Provider v4.6 Release Notes, documentation, Table 7, for supported operating systems and platforms, and also installation and configuration details: https://developer-content.emc.com/developer/devcenters/storage/snia/smi-s/downloads/SMI_Provider_RN.pdf . You will need to download the SMI-S provider. Navigate to the EMC Powerlink support site and log in (create an account if necessary). When you’ve logged in, Choose Downloads from the Support menu. To display the available SMI-S provider downloads, search for “SMI-S Provider” and then select the version for the operating system you will be installing this on. 



1.The EMC SMI-S Provider is required to mediate VNX Storage Block Level (Clariion) systems; other providers such as Cisco SMI-S for UCS Fabric/Vblock will not provide Storage information.

2. This feature will require the Storage Module license extension.

3. The EMC Storage Module support is for the VNX product series (Clariion and Celerra) and not applicable to VNXe or VMAX which is not currently supported.

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