Rendering Updated UI Features: Clearing Browser's Flash Cache

Have you upgraded recently and wondered - why didn't the logo change or where is that new UI look that I thought should be there?  Try clearing your browser's flash cache.

When upgrading to any new release, you are advised to clear the flash cache after running the update. If not you may not render the enhancements in the new features because the browser will have the old renderings.  Note this is different than the browser cache, and the steps below are a quick way to clear the flash cache:
Option 1:

You can clear the flash cache through control panel (PC)  / settings (MAC)

Option 2:

Launch the page in a browser:

When you navigate to the above page, a panel is shown which is the actual control panel from the local machine (I.e. not an example on the page) and you can easily delete the local storage for flash from here.

Note that you would need to perform Option 2 for every browser type that you are using (Firefox, IE, Safari, Chrome, etc.)

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