Unable to validate Hyper-V target error

Problem: Unable to add Hyper-V due to validation error


1) Download this command line validation script to your desktop.

2) Upload the file to VMTurbo instance.  This can be done by logging in to:

http://<your appliance IP>/update.html 

Login with the default administrator account (default password is administrator) and hold down the ctrl key on Windows/command key on MAC and hit "Authenticate". 

3) Select "Upload file" in the Expert mode.

4) After the file has been uploaded, SSH to your VMTurbo appliance and login as root (default password is vmturbo) and cd /tmp.

6) Run the following command to unzip getClassInfoLocale.zip:

unzip getClassInfoLocale.zip

7) cd /tmp/getClassInfoLocale

8) Run the following command:

./rungetClass.sh <Hyper-V IP_ADDR> <DOMAIN>\\<USERNAME> <PASSWORD> root/cimv2 Win32_PerfFormattedData_PerfProc_Process

Please note the \\ between domain and username.  Also, if you get a BUSY output from the command, please run step 8 again.  It might take couple of attempts to get a response.

9) After connection is established, you can add your Hyper-V target again on the UI.

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