How to change the VMTurbo Virtual Machine hostname


            We want to change the hostname of the prepackaged VMTurbo Virtual Machine to match our VM/System naming conventions.  How do we accomplish this?


The VMTurbo Ops Mgr Server provided by VMTurbo as a prepacked Virtual Machine runs on a Linux OS and as such standard Linux commands are used to achieve a hostname change:

            ssh into the appliance

                        UN:  root/PW:  vmturbo


            hostname –v <new_host_name>


You can run the hostname command again to verify the hostname change.

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    Jonathan Lackman

    Just what I was looking for, thanks.


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    John Smith

    This doesn't seem to work for the new Centos appliance, I believe you don't need the -v in the command so it would now be hostname command but maybe I am wrong?