Understanding Resize Recommendation Incrementing Constants

Have you ever found yourself in front of the VMTurbo console and you see a recommendation to reduce memory on a VM, from 4GB down to 512MB?  Have you asked yourself, why is VMTurbo asking me to do this, and more importantly how do I customize VMTurbo recommendation so that I am not getting so many recommendations to reduce a commodity to such a low level for our Virtual Infrastructure?

The good news is this can be accomplished, and this KB will show you how.



Bring your attention to ‘Resize Recommendation Incrementing Constants’.  There are three settings here:  VMem, vCPU, VStorage.  Each one has a default value out of the box.  For the purposes of this article, I will focus on VMem.

If in your Virtual Infrastructure your base VM Memory is always set to no less then 2GB, change Increment constant for VMem value [MB] to 2048 and click on the Apply button.  From this moment forward VMTurbo will not recommend VMem be reduced below 2GB on any VM in your virtual infrastructure.

This setting is a Global setting and as such there are no more changes that can be made at lower levels of your Virtual Infrastructure.

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