Why do the actions show a status of 'Recommended'? - Can I change that?

We ship the appliance with safe defaults across the configuration. This means that we only 'Recommend' actions and don't allow you to apply.

You can easily configure this, in the Admin view, on a per-cluster, or whole-system basis. See the screenshot below:


If you were to change these settings, to 'Manual', this would enable the 'Apply' checkbox across ALL VM's

(In this screenshot, we have 'Virtual Machines' selected in the middle 'scope' panel).

Click on the word ' Recommended' for each of the lines in the right hand panel to see the options appear in a drop down menu.

Note: If you want to change/enable these settings for a more-specific group (for example, a specific cluster), you can do this by selecting 'Action->VM' in the leftmost 'Category' panel, and then the group you wish to change the settings for in the middle 'scope' panel.

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