The Reporter encountered an error when displaying the requested report.


Unable to generate PDF report format on "Custom Reports" page.    When selecting the "PDF" link to generate a pdf and error occurs and the pdf is not generated..  

Complete Error Details:

Below is a screenshot of the entire error message:




There are missing fonts on 4.0 appliances downloaded from June 1, 2013 to August 1, 2013.   


Establish a putty (ssh) or console session to the VMTurbo Operations Manager appliance

Login as root (with default password vmturbo)

Execute the following commands:

# zypper in libstdc++6-32bit 
# zypper in libXext6-32bit 
# zypper in fontconfig-32bit

**Note:  The VMTurbo Operations Manager appliance must have internet connectivity in order to properly update these fonts.

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