How to manage "Provision required Network (Network::none)" recommendations


This article describes the procedure for managing/filtering recommendations which result from a benign condition created by VMWare vCloud Director.



A default and expected behavior for vCloud Director is to create a dummy, nonexistent, network object called 'none' to manage VMs which are not configured to run on a particular network, or VMs which are not running at all.  Due to this behavior, VMTurbo detects that the VMs are misconfigured and alerts to the fact that the network configuration is invalid and out of compliance.  The recommendations will look similar to the following:



These recommendations can be numerous and might become "noise" in the To-Do list making it difficult to focus on more legitimate recommendations which require actions to be taken.  To disable these recommendations the following procedure can be followed. 


Procedure or Steps

Follow the below steps to disable the recommendations:

  1.  Log into Operations Manager, and select the Policy tab.
  2. Click to expand the Action item on the Category pane, and select VM.
  3. In the Scope pane, expand the Virtual Machine By Network group, and locate and select the group named "VMs_none".
  4. In the Action Mode Settings window, check the Override box next to the Reconfigure attribute, and then change the Value to "disabled".
  5. Click "Apply Settings Change"

The following screenshot can be used as a reference for the above setting changes:


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