XenTools Install Fails In Ops Man XVA Virtual Machine


When installing XenTools inside the VMTurbo Operations Manager server for XenServer the following error is returned:

       Fatal Error: Failed to determine Linux distribution and version.




The default installation script for XenTools is unaware of the Linux distribution and version used for the VMTurbo OpsMan server.



Steps to install XenTools:

  1. Use XenCenter to load the xs-tools.iso into the OpsMan VM: 

  2. Log into the Ops Mgr server and mount the ISO file by issuing the following command:
    # mount /dev/xvdd /mnt
  3. Run the following command to launch the XenTools install:
    # /mnt/Linux/install.sh -d sles -m 11

    Note: The distribution name (openSUSE) and version (11) are passed as parameters to install.sh.  While the VMTurbo Ops Manager appliance actually runs openSUSE version 12.3, XenServer will only recognize openSUSE releases up to version 11, therefore 11 must be specified for the version argument.
  4. Press ‘y’ at the following prompt:

  5. Once the installation completes, reboot the appliance.

More Information

This article applies to VMTurbo Operations Manager 3.3 and earlier.

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