I need to restart VMTurbo, is there a best-practice?

There are two recommended practices to restart VMTurbo:

1)  Issue a 'Guest Restart' command from your hypervisor management console (e.g. from VMWare VC, XenCenter, SCVMM)

2) Restart the VMTurbo Operations Manager server from within the VM itself:

  • Establish a Putty, ssh or console connection to the VMTurbo server
  • Login as the "root" user.   The default password is vmturbo 
  • After login execute 1 of the following shudown commands:
    • vmturbo:~ # shutdown -r now
      • This command will immediately reboot the server 
    • vmturbo:~ # shutdown - r +10 "rebooting in 10 minutes"
      • This command will reboot the server in 10 minutes 

Warning:  Do not force a restart (like pushing and holding the power button on a Server/PC), this has the possibility of doing serious harm to the VMTurbo software and/or other supporting software running on the VMTurbo server.

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    Carlos Castellanos

    Thanks. Good guide.