Checking if your Ops Manager Server is the 32 bit or 64 bit version

This article will answer the questions:

- How do I know if my virtual machine is 32 bit or 64 bit  ?

-Which offline update file should I apply ?

-Do I need to know my Operations Manager Software version for online updates?

This information is only needed if you are not able to perform online updates (online update will choose the right update file automatically).

To check the version of the Ops Manager Server, navigate to the Admin > Maintenance view, and click the 'About' button under the 'Software Updates' section:



The version information for the components of the current server is shown.

On the latest (3.x+) versions of the appliance, the 'vmt-' information is shown first. (This is the versioning for the VMTurbo components). On older servers, you may have to scroll down the output box to see these vmt- versions.

Once the vmt- versioning is visible, look for the 'vmt-config' entry.


It is very important to check the 'vmt-config-' entry, as the other 'vmt-' entries look the same in both versions.


If the 'vmt-config' versions end in ''.i586", you have a 32 bit appliance, and should use the 32 bit offline update file. An example is shown below:


If the 'vmt-config' version ends in "_64", you have a 64 bit server, and should use the 64 bit offline update file. An example is shown below:


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