How to configure a static IP address on an Xen deployment of VMTurbo

This article will help with the following questions:

- How do I deploy the VMturbo appliance if I am not running DHCP?

-The VMTurbo appliance 'hangs' after a message ' NET: Registered protocol family 17 ' and I cannot access it

- How do I configure a static IP address for my VMTurbo appliance ?


First you need to deploy the Xen build of the VMTurbo virtual machine using the standard steps described in the deployment guide.

If DHCP is enabled on the network, the VMTurbo virtual machine will boot and you can change the ip address to a static IP from the console using the ipsetup/ipsetup credentials. In this case, you do not need the rest of the steps in this article.

If the DHCP is not enabled on your network, you need to deactivate the virtual network interface of the VMTurbo virtual machine during the boot process by clicking on the Deactivate button in the screen shown below:


You can confirm that the interface was deactivated by checking the Active field in the screen shown below:


And by checking the log window for the successful completion of the action:


Now, please wait for the login prompt to appear in the console window, as shown below:


And active the virtual network interface again, so that we can configure it:


You can confirm that the activation was successful by checking the Active field or the Logs tab for the virtual machine:


Now you can navigate back to the console window and log into the virtual machine as ipsetup/ipsetup:


And to configure the static ip address:


Finally hit enter on the OK selection in the console (you can navigate between the fields using the tab key) and the ip address configuration will be applied.

After this point, you will be able to access the VMTurbo web user interface by navigating to the configured ip address using your browser.

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