How to configure VMTurbo Server to use https:// only

Updated on March 8, 2013

By default the Ops Manager application already has a secure https:// address which you can configure as the only method of access if desired.  If you want to use only https and disable http follow this procedure:

  1. Establish an SSH session using console or putty to the VMTurbo server. The default user name is root and the (default) password is vmturbo
  2. Edit the /etc/apache2/listen.conf file
  3. Search for and change the line below.   This will allow the web service to talk internally on the server using http port 80 but disable external usage.   Internal usage of http port 80 is required for normal VMTurbo operations.   Here are the specific changes to make:

       Change this line:
    Listen 80 
       To this:
  4. Restart Apache with the following command:
       service apache2 restart 

Note:   You may receive a warning about 'self signed certificates' - this is due to a temporary (self signed) SSL certificate that is shipped on the virtual machine.  If you want to avoid this, you should follow your organizations guidelines on installing a 'real' certificate from a certificate authority (CA).

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