VMTurbo Operations Manager 4.5 is now Available!

This article was updated on March 6, 2014

VMTurbo is excited to announce the latest release of its Operations Manager product.   Version 4.5 was released on January 28, 2014.  Read on to review highlights of this release and the upgrade procedure as well as all the new features.

Overview: What's New in v4.5

Key innovations in this release include:
•       New! Fabric Control Module

– With support for Cisco UCS

•       Enhanced Storage Control Module

–      With support for NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP (cluster mode)

•       Enhanced Cloud Edition

–      New! Microsoft VMM Integration: Inventory of Hyper-V hosts, VMM Cloud Support, V2V migration planning
–      CloudStack Support enhancements

•       Operations Manager 4.5 Foundation Improvements

–      Supply Chain: Understand the market, desired state and actions across the end-to-end IT stack
–      ROI Report, Workload Summary: demonstrating the value derived from automation in terms of improved risk and efficiency.
–      Improved reporting, capacity dashboards and more.

 More details on features are located at the end of this article.

 The view below is the new VMTurbo Supply Chain showing the Disk Array/Aggregate relationship to the Controller and associated Data store, with the actions required to converge and maintain the desired state:

Visit VMTurbo's website for more information and product data sheets on the new modules.


Applying the Update to v4.5 Notes:


IMPORTANT:   Many improvements are delivered with Operations Manager 4.5 as well as with the new underlying appliance.   Therefore, when upgrading from Operations Manager 3.x to 4.5 you must download a new appliance to replace your existing installed appliance.  If your current VMTurbo server was deployed with VMTurbo Operations Manager 3.3 (or earlier), it MUST be replaced.  


 Follow this procedure to determine if your appliance needs to be replaced or if it can be upgraded.

1. Determine your current version of the product.  Login to Operations Manager and navigate to the  Help > About function in the top right hand side of the UI
Look closely at line 10 highlighted in this screenshot.



2. If on line 6 you see "vmt-platform-3.9-xxx" and on line 10 you see “java version 1.6.X" as in the above screenshot, click here to follow the steps to download and migrate to a new VMTurbo 4.5 appliance.  Java version 1.6 (or older) indicates you have an appliance which MUST be replaced.  

3. If you see "java version 1.7.x" on line 10 as in the below screenshot then you are already running the latest appliance and can simply update the VMTurbo Operations Manager software.  If your appliance has internet connectivity simply go into the Admin > Maintenance tab and use the "Software Updates" function.   If it does not have internet connectivity, click here to perform an offline update.


If you have any questions about or during this process please contact VMTurbo technical support.


More of What’s New for VMTurbo Operations Manager 4.5

Easily Extended Support for NetApp C-mode, VMM, and Converged Fabric with Cisco UCS

VMTurbo's value is how easily we can define and act on Software Defined Control, and with v4.5 we bring you MORE areas to manage within the IT Stack.  Our unique Market based approach allows for extensions deeper in storage, cloud management and converged fabric all in a single platform:


Improvements to the Cluster Capacity Dashboard

In addition to the Supply Chain view, the existing Cluster Capacity Dashboard gets a boost with more details being presented in the Resource Summary Table: 

And the ability to select the template of your choice to run the VM Headroom analysis.

Improvements to Workload Dashboards

The Workload dashboard now shows the calculated improvements that can be achieved in your environment by taking actions: Reduction in the number of Risks, Improvement to VM Density as a measure of increased efficiency, and How close are you to converge to the Desired State:

There continues to be general improvements to the data, PDF generation, and scoping of the Cluster Capacity dashboard.


Update NOTE:  Update 1 was released on 6 March 2014.  Refer to the v4.5 Update 1 KB Article for more detail.

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